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Get to know the surroundings of Isla Mujeres


Its streets are very similar to those of Playa del Carmen, in the streets of Isla like Hidalgo and Guerrero avenues have places like Kokonuts, Tequileria La Adelita, Fayne's Live Music Restaurant, Javiers Cantina, among other Caribbean charms perfect for dancing all night. They offer live music ranging from mariachi to country music to pop as well as hip hop, made for both visitors and locals.

If you want to be close from the beach such as Pocna Hostel Bar, Be bar, Javis Cantina and Bar la Terraza.

Beach Clubs

< p>Club Zama: is a club open to the general public located in the sac-bajo area, it has facilities and full service of bathrooms, swimming pool, lounge chairs, restaurant, bar, dock. (You can get there by boat and by road). It is very popular not only as a beach club but also for social events and weddings. There is no coverage, only consumption on site.

Capitán Dulche: It is a beach club open to the public, the largest in the island. It has complete restaurant facilities, a wooden deck with a bar, stilt houses with sun loungers over the sea, showers, below the restaurant there is a nautical museum dedicated to the nautical history of the island and the development of the naval area facilities, there access to the museum has a cost. Access to the beach club is free with a minimum consumption. It can be accessed by road or boat.


Lancheros Beach: also known as the house of tikinxic. It is one of the most popular. It is in the middle point of the island, very close to Hacienda Mundaca. It is very famous for its fish in different styles of spices. The venue is available for events such as weddings; Access is free and low consumption, with facilities over the sea with parking.

Whale Shark Beach:< /strong> It is in the low-sack area. It's a more private club with a restaurant, bathrooms, showers, and beach activities like volleyball. Free access for consumption.

North Beach: if you come from the central park, you will find North Beach 5 blocks away. It is, according to TripAdvisor, one of the most beautiful crystal clear waters in Mexico with different varieties of blue. It is completely open to the public. There are different bars and restaurants along the beach, each establishment offers services such as bathrooms, showers, towels, umbrellas.

< >Playa Centro: as its name indicates, it is in the center of the island but in front of Cancun. It is located from Playa Norte to Matamoros Street, where the docks begin. It is a beautiful beach with different bars, sun loungers, etc.


El Pescador Park: It recently opened a water park with slides, basketball and volleyball. 2 stages for shows, kayaks, bathrooms, lockers and towels.

Park Los Sueños: It is a smaller park with several pools; It has more charm with two slides: one for children and one for adults. It offers a bar for couples, kayaks, snorkelling, a climbing wall.

Hacienda Mundaca: It is a reserve of open spaces on the island. Fermín Mundaca Marechaga was a Spaniard who arrived on the island in 1860 and helped the governor of Yucatán, Miguel Barbachano, capture the Mayan rebels who had captured it after the Caste War. Sending them, as slaves, to Cuba to die in the sugarcane plantations. And as a reward they gave him that reserve of open space full of gardens to live in his retirement. His grave can be visited in the city center cemetery on the corner of Juárez and López Mateos. Currently it is a park with native plants with a museum area.

Mirador Punta Sur : It is at the southern end of Isla Mujeres. It rises almost eight meters above sea level; This allows a panoramic view of the coasts. This is the place where the first rays of the sun hit the ground in all of Mexico. This is why every New Year's Eve, locals and visitors gather to receive the first rays of the new year.

There is a lighthouse, restaurants, parking, a viewpoint, sculptures, an authentic Mayan temple dedicated to the god of fertility, a statue of Ixchel. Additionally, at the end of the land area, stairs allow you to descend where the waves break, the perfect place to take photographs. Recovery fee of 40 pesos

Tortugranja: A small facility managed by the authorities municipal, state, and federal government. They carry out a protection plan for three local turtle species and, together with many different volunteer groups, carry out patrols in the marina.

< /p>

All eggs from each nest are recovered and moved to a new nest on the Turtle Farm for protection. The turtles are White and Hawksbill; When they are born, they are taken to the small aquarium for observation, and after a while, after a while, they are ready to be released. As part of educating young people to protect turtles, 80 thousand turtles were released last year. In the aquarium you can also find fish and seahorses, sponges, crabs, sea urchins and local sea worms. Bathrooms, a dock and a small store are some of the services they offer.

There are tanks for larger turtles and it is an area that is preserved for reproduction or when they are injured. It has an entrance cost of 40 pesos per person.


Snorkeling: this is a boat tour that includes a stop at “Islote Farito” and also a visit to Musa (Underwater Museum), lasts 3 hours and may include food and drinks.

Whale Shark Tour: This is a seasonal activity and is only available from June to mid-September. The whale shark is the largest fish in the world; They visit the nearby coast from Holbox, Contoy and Isla Mujeres to feed on different species such as plankton and zooplankton. Includes a stop at a nearby reef to snorkel at the end of the tour.

If you want to book one of the tours, you can contact the hotel lobby or send an email with the name of the tour of your preference.

Isla Contoy: Also known as Isla Pájaros. It is a national reserve, home to many species of birds, reptiles, rays and many other animals. It is a first-class tour and available most of the year, it lasts from 8 am to 5 pm, it offers ecological facilities, museum, beach area, walking trails on the island for bird watching, viewpoints. The gastronomic suggestion is fish, ceviche and salads.

Diving with sailfish: Our new Tour, available from December to June. Every year the plankton arrives at the northern shores of Q.Roo, accompanied by sardines that feed on the plankton and behind them come the beautiful and fast sailing fish which can be admired through a specialized diving tour that will allow you to observe with security the hunting strategies and teamwork they use to feed themselves.

Tour fishing:

  • Sport fishing, catch and release in open water
  • Barracuda fishing on the bay side
  • Offshore fishing Groupers, snappers and more
  • Trips around the island.
  • Bike rental
  • Golf car rental
  • Motorcycle rental

Information directly to your email or in the hotel lobby.

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